An Expedition Brings Wellness To The World 

As the CEO of Optimal Chemical Inc, Markus Skupeika embarked to non commercialized remote locations around the globe. He set out to discover unique non-commercialized natural formulas and ingredients with healing and wellness properties from ancient cultures.

Mesmerized by their healing properties and overall feeling of wellness. Markus has dedicated a team of specialists to help him create and share with the world a new form of green safe solutions.

The Secret Expedition

Ingredients To Improve Health & Wellness

Discovering How To Infuse Wellness Into Life

Our mission was to find unique ingredients to create products to improve health and wellness.

In order to learn this historic knowledge of these lost remedies. This involved getting close to the locals… eating, talking, and sharing knowledge.

It was “Transforming” and “Enlightening”… and was the only way we could of made effective our non toxic natural solutions & products.

1st Stop Deep Into The Jungle

After the long flight it was into a train to go up and around mountains to get deeper into the jungles of South America.

Treacherous Rivers

Trekking Deep Into Pure Nature

As the sun rose, I journeyed into miles of lush, damp Peruvian forest. The smell of moist mud and tree’s filled my nostrils. Swiping away with my machete, the jungles tentacles that were clutching me from this sacred area. After an exhausting trip. Finally hit my destination where I could discover “the ways of the elders”. The exact ingredients and secrets from the jungle. Given to me by healthy tribes who have lived here for so many years. Free from harsh chemicals and deadly toxins.

Testing, Formulating & Products In The United States

After researching and discovering these unique ingredients from around the globe. We bring them to our manufacturing plant and begin working on them in the lab. Our team diligently tests and formulate new ideas to create some of the most unique green alternatives for green cleaning, pest control, health and beauty and other industry solutions.

Products Previously Only Available To Large Companies

After months of research and production our products are initially privately offered to our loyal clients who sign license agreements to be the only companies to have access to the products for a specific amount of time before being offered to the public.

These very well known companies understand the amount of research we put into our product line and see the amazing results. Once the license is ready to renew we then can offer the amazing product to the public with confidence in it’s amazing ability to outperform other products on the market.

Recognized Green Products

Our Green Bean Line of products have been a Top Recognized Brand with some of the larger retailers in the United States. Since creating we have been extremely grateful at all of the achievement and awards we have been given for our products.

Happy Customers

Product is a godsend

Your product is a godsend, it worked very quickly as advertised. I am also impressed with how quickly I got the products. Please feel free to share this with your other customers.  – Angela

Product is amazing

This product is amazing! I also I really like your guys wellness ingredients. My home is clean without bed bugs, it feels different, the aroma therapy fragrance is wonderful. – Shannon 

Bully Those Bed Bugs!

I recently had a bed bugs’ outbreak, and I would get bites even in the middle of the day, if I took a nap. After I got this item, I sprayed it all over my bed, (changed blankets) and let it dry for a few minutes (or hours) and then went to bed: I did not get bit once.

After I washed my older blanket -which I thought the bugs were hiding in- I sprayed it silly, as well, and went to sleep soundly. Those blood sucking insects have not come back yet.

This product works!! The bugs might simply be hiding for now, I’m not sure, but I intend to spray my entire bed room soon, to make sure they never show their ugly bug faces again. This was a good expense.

by Senam Amazon Review


Worked as promised

We were scared out of our wits with bed bugs when I notice my child itching and his entire back was full of red spots. I found you guys from a friend and want to thank you. Bed Bug Bully is a great product and worked as promised. No more bed bugs. You have saved me a ton of worry. Thank you. – Stephanie

Great Stuff!

I had Bed Bug Bully sent to my son who is living in Harlem. He had bed bug bites all over him! I sent him detailed instructions on how to use it with DE. Needless to say, the kid did not follow my instructions and just sprayed it around and sprinkled the DE into the carpet where he sleeps!

Thankfully it WORKED!

He sleeps on the floor on an air mattress and this stuff works! His bites are healing and his spirits are better.

He thinks I’m joking when I told him that when he comes home he’s coming in the back door naked while I take his stuff to the laundromat ha ha!

Stephanie MartinezAmazon Review

A Must If You Have Bed Bugs

This has been used on two occasions in the past three years due to apartment bedbug infestations. It has been effect both times. The smell is there, but not unpleasant. We have a house cat and the product has been harmless, as described, to her. This product is a very “green” product and I highly recommend this over any type of chemical infestation treatment that may be out there. Shipping was great as well as packaging.

by Gentle Deer Lion Tamer – Amazon Review

FDA GRAS Ingredients

Products that use ingredients that are generally regarded as safe classified by the FDA and EPA.

FIFRA 25(b)

Formulations that follow EPA FIFRA 25b guidelines.

Non Harmful to Wildlife, Pets Livestock or Humans

Ingredients pulled from the earth and formulated to be used safely in farms or homes without any secondary harm concerns.

Meets or Excels Federal Program Guidelines

We are proud that our products meet or excels Federal programs and guidelines and look forward to having you as a customer.

Infuse Wellness In Your Life Today!

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