Molderizer Non-Toxic Mold Cleaner 1 Gallon

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Molderizer Non-Toxic Mold Cleaner 1 Gallon
Molderizer Non-Toxic Mold Cleaner 1 Gallon
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Safe Shield: Mold Encapsulate (Prevents Mold Amplification)
Moldergent: Hypo Allergenic Laundry Detergent (Kills Mold On Clothes)

Molderizer Non-Toxic Mold Cleaner 1 Gallon

The only mold products to change the DNA makeup of mold, to ensure mold is removed and will not grow back.

An all natural cleaning product to kill black mold and remove musty odors and staining. Regardless of the species or if it is mold or mildew, Molderizer is formulated as an organic mold removal product.

Used by professional mold remediation companies, this organic, safe mold cleaner is specifically formulated to kill black mold and mildew. No harsh acids, no bleach, and other no funky odors.

Get rid of not only mold stains, but also there odors!

Molderizer can be used on all surfaces and is rated #1 in lab tests. The formula has been tested and is the most popular mold and mildew cleaning product in the Indoor Air Quality industry.

With Molderizer you will be able to get rid of mold and mildew that is growing on wood, tile and grout, bathtubs and showers, carpeting and everything else except marble.

The mold kit is signed off by OCI chemist and approved as natural cleaning products which have MSDS sheets to prove authenticity.

  • All Natural 100% Bio degradable And Environmentally Safe
  • Stronger Solution for All Types of Surfaces including Carpet Cleaning
  • Totally Natural: No Harsh Fumes, No Chemicals, and No Bleach Only
  • Natural Product to change DNA makeup of black mold to prevent future growth
  • Deodorizes - Removes black mold spores at the source and mold smell
  • Signed off by OCI chemist for authenticity with MSDS Recommended Mold Cleaning Kit of 2009 and 2010 from OCI

Absolutely no harsh chemicals developed by man in this unique product. Only natural materials such as soy and oils to make Green Bean product line a natural cleaning solution.


What You Get

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Federal and Environmental Preferable

The Green Bean line has been specifically formulated in accordance with current Federal safety regulations and with environmentally-preferable purchasing guidelines.
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Soy and Vegatables

Our amazing Green Bean Line uses a natural soy and vegetable as an natural cleaning agent which helps dissolve and remove dirt, oil and grease.
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Anti Microbial

A natural anti-microbial ingredient which changes the DNA make up of the mold to not only destroy the mold, but also prevent mold from growing back.
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Zen-Like Fragrance Oils

Includes Zen-Like fragrance oils we found in remote parts of the world, such as the mountains of Peru. By infusing these natural remedies locals have been using for years, the Green Bean line can transcend your home with relaxing fragrances to infuse better health and wellness.
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Using a corn based material, we can wipe out streaks for a streak-free shine.
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Emulsion Technology

Natural coconut ingredient we use to increase cleaning effectiveness and assist with our Emulsion Technology to repel dirt and grease. Which means, less work for you!


Sizes and Coverage:

8 oz Container (8) oz:
Amount of Square Feet Covered: Up to 5 (Strong Concentrate)

32 oz Container (32) oz:
Amount of Square Feet Covered: Up to 60 (Strong Concentrate)

1 Gallon Container (120) oz:
Amount of Square Feet Covered: Up to 1000 (Strong Concentrate)

5 Gallon Container (600) oz
Amount of Square Feet Covered: Up to 4,000 (Strong Concentrate)

Directions on How To Clean With This Green Bean Product

For Indoor Cleaning and Outdoor: First spay Molderizer on area to remove mold and mildew. Allow to settle for 30 to 60 seconds. Then scrub away mold and mildew. After cleaning the area, apply Safe Shield to do additional cleaning and encapsulate

Cleaning Outdoor Fabric or Awnings: Apply to a small area to ensure color safe before cleaning. After cleaning, rinse well to remove all cleaning solution.

Can be Used On:

Indoors: All surfaces including drywall, wood framing, ceramic and porcelain tiles, awnings, fabric patio furniture and stucco. Also works well with wood.

Outdoors: Wood, roofing, keystone, coral stone, pavers, cast stone, stamped concrete, patios, roof tiles, awnings, fabric patio furniture and stucco.

Do Not Use Products On Natural Marble (Marble Maverick Mold Remover) 

Develop and formulated to be a safe and powerful cleaning solution that reacts excellent with dirt, grease, and grunge. Does not contain any harsh chemicals that may cause allergic reactions and is environmentally safe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does The Product Have Any Toxic Chemicals?
Absolutely not... the product is 100% non-toxic Green Bean formula and infused with emulsion technology that prevents dirt build up on the surfaces.

Will The Product Work Indoors As Well As Outdoors?
It sure will, with the 100% non-toxic Green Bean formula the product is powerful enough for outdoors as well as indoors.