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Bed Bug Spray That Is A Non Pesticide Formula Under FIFRA 25(b)

Bed Bug Bully Customer Reviews

Below are just some of the many 5 star reviews of Bed Bug Bully we received from our customers.

Bed Bug Bully has been a Top Green Pest Product with large pest control companies, hotels, resorts, theme parks, and health facilities. Since it’s public release we have already received great feedback from our customers in helping them get rid of their bed bug problem.

Below Are Only A Few 5 Star Reviews We Received From
Amazon, Ebay, Sears, and our other retailers.

Your product is a godsend, it worked very quickly as advertised. I am also impressed with how quickly I got the products. Please feel free to share this with your other customers.


This product is amazing! I also I really like your guys wellness ingredients. My home is clean without bed bugs, it feels different, the aroma therapy fragrance is wonderful.


We were scared out of our wits with bed bugs when I notice my child itching and his entire back was full of red spots. I found you guys from a friend and want to thank you. Bed Bug Bully is a great product and worked as promised. No more bed bugs. You have saved me a ton of worry. Thank you.

  • Great Stuff!

    I had Bed Bug Bully sent to my son who is living in Harlem. He had bed bug bites all over him! I sent him detailed instructions on how to use it with DE. Needless to say, the kid did not follow my instructions and just sprayed it around and sprinkled the DE into the carpet where he sleeps!

    Thankfully it WORKED!

    He sleeps on the floor on an air mattress and this stuff works! His bites are healing and his spirits are better.

    He thinks I’m joking when I told him that when he comes home he’s coming in the back door naked while I take his stuff to the laundromat ha ha!

    by Stephanie Martinez – Amazon Review

  • Bully Those Bed Bugs!

    I recently had a bed bugs’ outbreak, and I would get bites even in the middle of the day, if I took a nap. After I got this item, I sprayed it all over my bed, (changed blankets) and let it dry for a few minutes (or hours) and then went to bed: I did not get bit once.

    After I washed my older blanket -which I thought the bugs were hiding in- I sprayed it silly, as well, and went to sleep soundly. Those blood sucking insects have not come back yet.

    This product works!! The bugs might simply be hiding for now, I’m not sure, but I intend to spray my entire bed room soon, to make sure they never show their ugly bug faces again. This was a good expense.

    by Senam Amazon Review

  • A Must If You Have A Bed Bug Problem!

    This has been used on two occasions in the past three years due to apartment bedbug infestations. It has been effect both times. The smell is there, but not unpleasant. We have a house cat and the product has been harmless, as described, to her. This product is a very “green” product and I highly recommend this over any type of chemical infestation treatment that may be out there. Shipping was great as well as packaging.

    by Gentle Deer Lion Tamer – Amazon Review

  • I Love Bed Bug Bully

    We recently had bed bugs in my apartment building. They did not hire an exterminator right away. I purchased this product and sprayed the area in the doorway to my apartment because I did not want the bugs coming into my apartment. I also sprayed the areas under my bathroom and kitchen sinks. I believe that this product helped a lot.

    I have not seen any bed bugs in my apartment and I hope I never do.

    by Barb Kelly – Amazon Review

You Have My Personal Guarantee

I am so determined that your bed bug problem will be out of your life forever… if not I make sure you don’t pay for the product. To prevent you from wasting your time I am giving you the 8oz sample entirely free. So if you don’t like the product, you still get to keep the sample bottle (a $14 value)! You have nothing to lose!