Mold Professionals Secret Solution Exposed!

Grab A Complimentary Sample Right Now

  • Kills Mold Literally In Just Seconds
  • Removes Nasty Old Mold Stains
  • Deodorizes Musty Mold Odors
  • Helps Avoid Evacuation Due To Mold
  • No More Throwing Away Your Valuables
  • Used By The Indoor Air Quality Industry
  • Previously Only Sold to Professionals

Limited Quantities Available

This special is NOT going to be available forever.

Think about it, You will be receiving a complimentary sample of Molderizer valued at $12.99 entirely free! Once these kits are gone, so are the order links and the special.

Important Announcement You Must Read

Mold Will Take Over Your Home Unless You Do This

You Must Know How To Find The Source Of The Problem

In order to make sure you fix your mold problem entirely, you must find the source of the problem. Don't worry in addition to the complimentary sample I will be sending. You will also be receiving our official mold inspection procedures booklet at no additional charge. So not only will you get rid of your mold, I want to make sure you know the where the source of the problem came from. This way you don't have any mold issues later

And of course I want to make sure our relationship
starts off in right direction.

Inspection Procedures Included Free

The Real Victims Are Your Loved Ones

We Understand What Your Going Through

We Witness First Hand Families Affected By The Dangers of Mold

Mold Spreads Like A Plauge

It's obvious, Mold is spreading everywhere.. In fact, mold spores will pass thru A/C vents becoming a very dangerous airborne fungus which attaches itself to furniture, linens, carpets, walls, and even inside the A/C vent's themselves.

Being Forced To Evacuate

Next, you will be told to throw away all your valuables, your clothes, furniture, beddings, etc. Then after all this, you would be asked to politely evacuate and a company would rip out your walls having you feel homeless for at least 4 weeks.

Mold Problems Are Expensive

Unfortunately, doing nothing will cost you more. Instead of one location of mold you would have spores spread to dozens of areas, including clothes, linens, carpets, and even inside the walls.

Deadly Respiratory Effects

After mold spreads, you will most likely notice skin irritations, musty odors, or worse breathing problems and bacterial infections. Are you having the sniffles  or symptoms of a cold more then usual, mold is a well-know culprit for sinus infections and bacterial infections.

A Guaranteed Solution The Professionals Use

Will Break Apart The DNA of Mold and Musty Odors

No Harsh Chemicals, Acids, or Toxic Chemicals

If you ever had a mold remediation done. The product they are using is most likely Molderizer. Now after renewing our license agreements. We are able to serve not only our loyal past clients. We setup a clause specifically to offer the product to the public and you.

If You Let This Problem Go You Will Have:

  • More Problems Later
  • More Respiratory Problems (Hospital Bills)
  • Even Worse... Evacuation
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What About Using A Professional?

Most Folks Don't Wish To Evacuate So We Help

Evacuation & $500 Repeat Services Is Why Molderizer Is A Popular Alternative To Mold Remediation

We Work With Professionals

We have a huge respect for mold companies and work very closely with well know companies, especially after the EPA has warned about select hazardous chemicals in remediation projects. We also love recommending our mold companies to any of our customers who choose to try a professional.

But the fact is… certain folks do not wish to tent up their home, place of business and lay deadly chemicals (in the vicinity of their animals or family) or have to evacuate in hopes to kill mold and mildew.

Most folks come to us because they don’t wish to pay $500 to $1,000 for a thorough mold inspections. Keep in mind, this fee does not include the repeat service that will be required before starting the inspection.

Let Me Share A Little Secret With You

We love pest mold professionals and our Molderizer was privately available to these large mold remediation and water damage companies.

These guys loved it and were making fortunes using it, and still are today.

Just up until now, you could not get access to this non toxic professional grade mold and mildew solution due to private licensing agreements we agreed upon.

Well, luckily for you, whether a mold professional, insurance adjuster or consumer we renewed our license agreements and it’s now available to both our private clients as well as you today, but for a limited time.

Will Not Harm Pets or Your Family

Can Be Used On: Livestock Yards, Pig & Poultry Farms, Conventional & Organic Farming, Game Farms, Equestrian Centers, Forestry & Woodland Management, Food Processing, Packing, & Storage Areas, Domestic, Industrial, & Retail Premises, Secure Institutions, Hospitals, Schools, Parks & Other Public Areas, Nature Trails, Homes. Great For: Poultry Farmers, Livestock Farmers, Organic Farmers, Food & Packing Plants, Retail Outlets, Government Buildings, Hospitals, Resorts, Hotels, Theme Parks, Schools, Parks & Recreation, Exterminators, Families

Faster, Safer, And Easy To Use

  • Easy To Use... Just Aim & Spray!

    Molderizer is super-easy to use.

    Just aim and spray… then allow to settle and wipe away the mold without leaving a trace behind to stop more amplification.

  • Instant Results.. Just 30 to 60 Seconds

    Molderizer is a huge success in the (Indoor Air Quality) industry with mold professionals specifically. These guys are using the product by spraying it directly or in a fogger. Within 30 to 60 seconds it would break down the DNA of the mold spores.

  • Cleans Mold Stains Instantly
  • Removes Mold By Breaking Apart mold DNA
  • Easy-to-Use: Just Aim & Spray
  • Can Also Be Used in Foggers
Pesticide Exempt Rat Killer

Top Green Product for the Mold Industry

Molderizer has been a Top Green Product with large mold remediation companies, hotels and health facilities. Since it’s public release we have already received great feedback from our customers in helping them get rid of their mold problem.

Customer Reviews During Our Limited Time Launch

Below Is Feedback From Consumers During Our Limited Launch Which In Your Seeing Now

  • My Home No Longer Has Mold, Thank You!

    This is the best mold product my husband I have ever used. The entire process from ordering to receiving the product has been fantastic. I started with the sample bottle of Molderizer and now  am a huge fan of all your green products from your company. I was worried we were going to have to have a really expensive mold remediation which involved us fighting with the insurance company.After receiving the mold manuscript you sent me and helpful advice from Janice, my green bean buddy I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with your company. Molderizer worked immediately upon spraying it in the affected areas. I found the source of my problem was from the A/C system and used Molderizer to de-sanitize the entire system making my home smell amazing. Thank you for the great service and look forward to buying more products from your company.

    by Val (North Miami, Fl) – Customer Email

  • Amazing Product For Our Mold Company

    It’s been a long time coming for a great mold product like this. We are using this for our mold remediation products and have passed every clearance test taken.

    Of course we follow the IAQ guidelines, but this product has helped my guys really knock out some serious mold projects.

    We have a huge bid coming up and look forward to ordering more. I believe we will need the 55 gallon drum this time and look forward to special pricing you offer to us folks in the mold industry.

    Thank you and looking forward to ordering more.

    by Joe (Pembroke Pines, Fl) – Customer Email

How We Create The Green Bean Line

Trekking Deep Into The Jungle To Find Natural Alternatives

It was a bumpy 6 hour flight from sunny Miami, Florida to an old country, rich in culture and knowledge of the earth’s natural healing properties. Finally touching down… I hit my first destination. The unique city of Lima, Peru. Although, amazed by the busy city. This was not my final destination. I was set to go deeper… where civilization has forgotten.

The Mission: Find unique ingredients to create products to improve health and wellness.

In order to learn this historic knowledge of these lost remedies. This involved getting close to the locals… eating, talking, and sharing knowledge.

The adventure was “Transforming” and “Enlightening” and was the only way we could of made so effective and natural green products which use no dangerous chemicals or pesticides.

Bringing It Back To Our Factory

After researching and discovering these unique ingredients from around the globe. We bring them to our manufacturing plant and begin working on them in the lab. Our team diligently tests and formulate new ideas to create some of the most unique green alternatives for green cleaning, pest control, health and beauty and other industry solutions.

After months of research and production our products are privately offered to our loyal clients who sign lease agreements to be the only companies to use the products for a specific amount of time before being offered to the public. These very well known companies understand the amount of research we put into our product line and see the amazing results.

Now that we have renewed the license agreements we still can offer our products to these large companies, but now offer our products to the public, which is why you are seeing the special today.

We know the product works, we are so confident you will receive a complimentary sample included in your order which you can select right now below.

Our Green Product Line Achievement & Awards

growing our future- 2012 farm bill
green gov challenge
greening government
green earth globe

My Personal Guarantee

You Have My Personal Guarantee

I am so determined that your mold problem will be out of your life forever by proving it with a free sample. To prevent you from wasting your time I am giving you the travel sample entirely free. So if you don’t like the product, you still get to keep the sample bottle (a $12.99 value)! You have nothing to lose!

Choose Your Package

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat's The Catch?

    No catch, we are so confident Molderizer works, we can offer it to you as a complimentary
    sample, because we know once you try it. You will share this special with friends and you will want to buy more Molderizer of our other green products. There is no subscriptions, free trials, or any of that stuff. You pay for shipping we send you Molderizer, that’s it. This our way of taking you out for a cup of coffee, and we cover the coffee purchase.

  • q-iconWhat Is In Molderizer?

    Molderizer is naturally formulated with all natural ingredients. The product formula is patent pending comprised of soy and vegetables and citrus There is no bleach, no harsh chemicals, and no harsh odors.

  • q-iconWhat Can I Use Molderizer On?

    It can be used any surface indoors or outdoors, even boats. Molderizer is designed for use on tile, ceramic, porcelain, chrome, fiberglass, stucco, stone, aluminum, cultured marble, polished and unpolished marble, tumble marble, travertine, saturnia,  glass, acrylic, PVC, plastic, shower curtains, patio furniture, formica, drywall, wood, cement and more. Molderizer is also effective on ceiling tile, around A/C vents,  walls and carpeting as well as roofs and roofing materials. And it will not damage natural wood or any other delicate surface, rug, or linen.

  • q-iconWill You Need To Mix Water With Molderizer?

    Nope, we are giving a full concentrated solution straight from our manufacturing plant.

  • q-iconIs Molderizer Safe Around Pets and Children?

    Absolutely, there is no harmful chemicals, odors or acids. It’s a natural derived non toxic formula that breaks down the DNA of mold.

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