Non-Toxic Mold & Mildew Removal In Just Seconds
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How To Remove Mold In 30 Seconds With Molderizer
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Limited Quantities Available

This special is NOT going to be available forever.

Think about it, You will be receiving a complimentary sample of Molderirer valued at $12.99 entirely free! Once these kits are gone, so are the order links and the special.

Molderizer has been a Top Green Product with large mold remediation companies, hotels and health facilities. Since it’s public release we have already received great feedback from our customers in helping them get rid of their mold problem.

Customer Reviews During Our Limited Time Launch

  • My Home No Longer Has Mold, Thank You!

    This is the best mold product my husband I have ever used. The entire process from ordering to receiving the product has been fantastic. I started with the 8oz sample bottle of Molderizer and now  am a huge fan of all your green products from your company. I was worried we were going to have to have a really expensive mold remediation which involved us fighting with the insurance company.After receiving the mold manuscript you sent me and helpful advice from Janice, my green bean buddy I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with your company. Molderizer worked immediately upon spraying it in the affected areas. I found the source of my problem was from the A/C system and used Molderizer to de-sanitize the entire system making my home smell amazing. Thank you for the great service and look forward to buying more products from your company.

    by Val (North Miami, Fl) – Customer Email

  • Amazing Product For Our Mold Company

    It’s been a long time coming for a great mold product like this. We are using this for our mold remediation products and have passed every clearance test taken.

    Of course we follow the IAQ guidelines, but this product has helped my guys really knock out some serious mold projects.

    We have a huge bid coming up and look forward to ordering more. I believe we will need the 55 gallon drum this time and look forward to special pricing you offer to us folks in the mold industry.

    Thank you and looking forward to ordering more.

    by Joe (Pembroke Pines, Fl) – Customer Email

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You Have My Personal Guarantee

I am so determined that your mold problem will be out of your life forever by proving it with a free sample. To prevent you from wasting your time I am giving you the 8oz sample entirely free. So if you don’t like the product, you still get to keep the sample bottle (a $12.99 value)! You have nothing to lose!