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Rusterizer Removes Rust In 13 Seconds or Less With No Scrubbing

Rusterizer Customer Reviews

Below are just some of the many 5 Star Reviews of Rusterizer and our Rusterizer 1 Gallon
from, Sears, and other popular retailers.

  • This Really Works!

    The water our community uses for landscape watering is very high in iron. About every six months, using other products, we’d have to spend hours trying to scrub the rust off of our stucco.

    Sometimes the paint would come off more easily. We finally had to give up and re-paint but that obviously didn’t solve the on-going problem.

    Then, I found Rusterizer.

    I watched an on-line video of it removing rust instantly with just a spray. I didn’t really believe it but I ordered it in desperation.

    It arrived, I tried it and it worked exactly as promised! It now takes me less than a half-hour to remove large swaths of rust from our stucco – easily with no scrubbing, just spray and rinse. I love this product!

    by Maureen S. Gawel (Amazon)

  • Blown Away By This Product!

    After reading some of the negative reviews for this product I purposely purchased the 32oz small size bottle to give it a try. My friend recommended this product to me so I went off her word. I got the bottle today and went to a rust spot on my siding that had been there for 2 years.

    I tried CLR and a few other advertised products and nothing worked even with scrubbing like a mad man. I took the Rusterizer bottle and sprayed it on the stain and went around the corner of my house to spray another smaller spot. I walked back around my house and the stain was almost completely gone! I laughed out loud. I could not believe it.

    I sprayed a little more around the bottom edge of the siding of what was left of the stain and simply wiped off the remaining part of the stain. I walked around my entire yard and then sprayed an electrical box that had rust stains that had been there for 10 years. It ate right through it. It did take multiple sprays to get it off but we are talking really bad rust stains. I am buying the gallon size today. I would highly recommend this product and I am an extremely picky person and hard to please when it comes to products like these.

    by Debbie Glock (Amazon)

  • The Product Really Works

    This product really works. You can purchase it with confidence. It effectively removed red rust stains from my concrete driveway caused by a leaky car battery.

    by Badger (Amazon)

  • Best Stuff!

    If you have rust/stains from water sprinkler, this stuff does the trick. No scrubbing. This is my second purchase in 3 years. Can’t beat it!!

    by Jailman (Amazon)

  • Works Great!

    I had brown rust streak down the side of my stucco from a plugged A/C drain. I waited five months to order this product. at application, the stains were gone in the time it took me to spray it on. This on a light tan wall. I notice a slight whitening but this paint is 8 years old and only I see it because I look for it. Next tried it on some rust stains on my concrete driveway stained by fertilizer, poof, stains are gone.

    by Tony31 (Amazon)

  • Best Product Ever!

    Had a radiator over flow on my driveway and brought the spray bottle to test the product. this product lived up to what the description said. just sprayed it on and then sprayed it with the hose and it was gone. buying the big bottle to do the rest of my drive way now. thanks for just a great product.

    by Richard J. Haberthier (Amazon)

You Have My Personal Guarantee

I am so determined that your rust problem will be out of your life forever… if not I make sure you don’t pay for the product. To prevent you from wasting your time I am giving you the 8oz sample entirely free. So if you don’t like the product, you still get to keep the sample bottle (a $14 value)! You have nothing to lose!