Wet Tire - Tire Shine and Gloss 5 Gallon

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Wet Tire - Tire Shine and Gloss 5 Gallon

Green Bean Wet Tire Shine and Gloss, gives your tires a high-gloss, long-lasting shine that keeps them looking like new longer. The innovative formula is a protective shine-shield for tires.

It locks in the high-gloss shine and blocks out the damaging environmental elements that make tires look old and dull. You will notice that this TIRE SHINE does not sling off, not turn the edges of the tire brown or wash off with the first rain storm. This unique formula can be used on all rubber, vinyl, plastic trim on all vehicles.

Green Bean Wet Tire Gel is the final touch for pampered, good-looking tires. It delivers a stunning semi-gloss, satiny finish, even on older tires. This concentrated gel applies evenly, is absorbed into the rubber, repelling UV rays, rain, and detergents.

The unique green bean formula prolongs the life of your tires, conditioning and revitalizing them for up to two weeks, including a couple of washings! More than a tire dressing, Green Bean Tire Gel keeps tire walls supple and hydrated.

Green Bean Wet Tire treatment and our other professional auto detailing products are preferred by more professional auto detailers and detailing companies than any other similar products.

  • 100% Non-Toxic Green Bean Formula
  • Moisturizing and Nourishing Solution For Your Tires
  • Odorless, Requires No Special Ventilation
  • Does Not Crease Greasy Feel To The Surface Of The Leather
  • Will Not Damage or Discolor Tires
  • Safe Non-Toxic and Non-Irritating
  • Voted Top 10 Green Car Care Product by the automotive care industry
  • 10x More Concentrated So YOU SAVE MONEY... It’s straight from the manufacturer... that’s us!

Patent Pending Green Bean Better Wellness Ingredients - If you have not heard, our products are developed to improve wellness. Green ingredients that are found in remote locations around the globe that infuse your vehicle with natural smells that promote stress free living and energy. This is our mission... as a Green Bean!


What You Get

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Federal and Environmental Preferable

The Green Bean line has been specifically formulated in accordance with current Federal safety regulations and with environmentally-preferable purchasing guidelines.
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Soy and Vegatables

Our amazing Green Bean Line uses a natural soy and vegetable as an natural cleaning agent which helps dissolve and remove dirt, oil and grease.
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A natural colorant to spice up the color of the cleaner to assure a longer shelf life.
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Zen-Like Fragrance Oils

Includes Zen-Like fragrance oils we found in remote parts of the world, such as the mountains of Peru. By infusing these natural remedies locals have been using for years, the Green Bean line can transcend your home with relaxing fragrances to infuse better health and wellness.
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Using a corn based material, we can wipe out streaks for a streak-free shine.
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Emulsion Technology

Natural coconut ingredient we use to increase cleaning effectiveness and assist with our Emulsion Technology to repel dirt and grease. Which means, less work for you!


Sizes and Coverage: 

8 oz Container (8) oz:
Amount of Square Feet Covered: Up to 5 (Strong Concentrate)

32 oz Container (32) oz:
Amount of Square Feet Covered: Up to 60 (Strong Concentrate)

1 Gallon Container (120) oz:
Amount of Square Feet Covered: Up to 1000 (Strong Concentrate)

5 Gallon Container (600) oz
Amount of Square Feet Covered: Up to 4,000 (Strong Concentrate)

Where To Use:
All types of rubber, vinyl, plastic trim on any type of vehicles.

Directions On How To Use:

  1. Work out of direct sunlight. Start with clean tires.
  2. Spray Green Bean Wet Tire Gel across your foam applicator or tire swipe. Less is more!
  3. Apply a thin coat across the surface of your tire—just enough to moisten the surface is all you need. It will absorb and no sling-off will occur.
  4. Control the level of shine according to your preference. One light application of Green Bean Wet Tire gives the optimal amount of shine for a well-dressed look that suits most cars. For less gloss, follow application of gel by wiping down with a clean dry towel. For a higher level of sheen, wait ten minutes then apply another coat. Repeat until satisfactory results are achieved.
  5. It’s best to allow an hour for the liquid gel to cure. You will enjoy a beautiful finish on your tires that lasts for weeks.

NOTE: A tire cleaner will remove tire dressing, which will have to be reapplied if you desire.

Concentrated So You Get More Bang For Your Buck!