No Bleach Formula Used by IAQ Industry

Remove Mold Stains and Brighten Surfaces without Harmful Chemicals or Evacuation

1 Gallon Treats +1000 SqFt
Delivered in 2 to 3 Business Days
Retail Price: $70 Your Price: $57
Want a Different Size
Treats a Room
32oz for $23
Treats 5,000 SqFt
5 Gallon for $233
"Never Failed Any Mold Test"

”Every time I used Molderizer to remove the mold form the properties and after cleaning the entire place we applied the sealer “safe shield” we never failed in any test. All the mold test have been very successful with your product Molderizer 1 gallon and safe shield 1 gallon.”

William Hamilton-Inspection Wizards LLC
Real Estate Inspector

Use What Professionals Use... Contractors and Facility Managers

  • REMOVES STAINS - Mold stain & mildew stain remover for carpets, walls, wood, fabric, and any other surface
  • BRIGHTENS SURFACES - Brightens and whitens stained surfaces
  • USED IN INDOOR AIR QUALITY INDUSTRY - Great for A/C duct cleaning, carpet care, and care care
  • NO BLEACH FORMULA - Bleach free, contains no sodium hypochlorite
  • USED BY REMEDIATION PROFESSIONALS - Helps pass clearance tests and no evacuation needed
  • EASY TO USE - Apply and allow formula to remove mold stains and mildew stains

Formulated for Mold Professionals, Resorts, & Facilities

Naturally derived no bleach, mold stain and mildew stain remover. Specially developed for mold professionals working on mold remediation projects without the need of evacuation. A powerful formulation cuts labor costs for mold remediation teams due to the immediate cleaning of mold stains and mildew stains with minimal sanding, scrubbing and wiping on moldy surfaces.

No bleach or sodium hypochlorite formulation which causes concerns of many hyper-sensitive mold sufferers.

Currently being used in resorts which cater to hyper-sensitive guests. Complete remove any lingering mold or mildew stains in your home, bathrooms, facility, or anywhere you see mold stains amplifying. Can also be used in A/C systems.

Frequent Questions


Can It Help with Flood Damage?

The formulation assists in treating mold stains and mildew stains that are caused by flood damage and natural disasters.
Thus why mold remediation professionals use Molderizer.


How Much Do I Need?

Sizes and Coverage:
32 oz : Square Feet Covered: Up to 300
64 oz : Square Feet Covered: Up to 500 - 600
1 Gallon Jug (120) oz: Square Feet Covered: -1000
5 Gallons Pail (600) oz:: Square Feet Covered: -5,000


How To Use Molderizer?

Shake well first. Then test small area.

1st: Apply/Spray area that requires treatment.
Optional: Use cleaning brush to remove old mold stains or mildew stains

2nd. Repeat till mold stains and midew stains are removed

It’s that simple, literally spray or apply to area and watch Molderizer treat mold stains and mildew stains before your eyes.

1 Gallon Treats +1000 sqFt

Remove Mold Stains & Mildew Stains Without Heavy Scrubbing or Evacuation

Public Price: $70 Your Price: $57
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