Bed Bug Bully, 1 Gallon

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This Item Is No Longer Available, please see our pest control section


This Item Is No Longer Available, please see our pest control section

Bed Bug Bully, 5 Gallon Pail

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Bug Buddy Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

  • No Harmful Sounds Waves, Chemicals, Or Poisons
  • 100% Pet-Friendly
  • Deters Pest Infestations Away From Plugin Location
  • Easy To...


Bed Bug Detergent, 1 Gallon

  • Hypo Allergenic & Anti-Allergen Detergent
  • Treats Against Non-Living Matter Causing Allergens
  • Used for Cleaning Linens During and After...


Active Ingredients:
Soy Bean Oil — 0.78%
Cinnamon — 0.09%

Inert Ingredients: Water , Sodium Benzoate (as preservative), Calcium Silicate, Aluminum Sodium Silicate, Iron Oxide, Magnesium Silicate

Product meets requirements of exemption under Appendix APR Notice 200-6, Active Ingredients Which May Be in Minimum Risk Pesticide Products Exempted under section 25(b) of FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.)   

Recommended Re-Treatment Cycle:

Since most infestations are larger than expected. Its recommended to do the following:

– 1st Week: Daily treatments around entire bedroom, bedding, home & infested areas
– 2nd Week: 3 treatments spread evenly through out week
– 3rd Week: 2 treatments spread evenly through out week
– 4th Week: 1 or 2 treatments spread evenly through out week
– 5th Week: Re-treatment every 30 days is recommend for prevention

Note: As a customer you will receive a Digital Download guide on the exact procedures to follow when using the Bed Bug Bully. You will be able to download this guide on your receipt page or by email. The guide was developed with collaboration of our pest management professionals to ensure you properly manage your pest infestation.

Upfront & Honest:

A 1 Gallon Bed Bug Bully is well equipped to be used for a single room, depending on how large your infestation you may not be able to have any product left for re-treatment for prevention. If you have an infestation in your bedroom, couch, or living area, it is very likely the infestation has spread further and we recommend having enough Bed Bug Bully for a re-treatment cycle of every 30 days, since bed bug infestations do re-occur from external sources (neighbors, guests, traveling, public transportation, health facilities, etc).

If you have a large infestation we highly recommend starting with this 1 gallon of Bed Bug Bully. This allows you to re-treat as needed until the infestation is gone entirely. Please budget in to make sure you have enough product to use for a re-treatment cycle.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

1 Gallon Jug (120 oz)


Up to 1,000 Square Feet

Bed Bug Bully MSDS


American Academy of Entomological Sciences Certification

Certification from the American Academy of Entomological Sciences certifying Bed Bug Bully's effectiveness in killing bed bugs and prevent bed bug infestations for up to 30 days.

For questions related to bed bugs and Bed Bug Bully, please visit our Bed Bug Bully Help Center.

78 reviews for Bed Bug Bully, 1 Gallon

  1. Terri

    Bed Bug Bully was my last resort, I wish it had been my first.My grandkids brought me bed bugs (oh thanks) l googled bed bugs until l thought l would die.l tried the powder you put in the carpet, a waste of time it just made my allergies act up to make me sneeze.l used rubbing alcohol every morning before l went to work so l wouldn’t have to smell it.l believed that it would dry them out.In the meantime mind you l could not sleep l would wake up all night long to turn the light on to see if there were any on my bed or walls etc. I sprayed the rubbing alcohol every day for 5 months.There did get fewer but my sleep was a mess l had to do something.l bought those bags you suck the air out of with your vacums lived out of trash bags but that wasn’t enough.l went online and googled the consumer report reviews and Bed Bug Bully was ranked number 1 for 2016. I decided to give it a try and ordered a gallon size.l only live in a huge studio with vaulted ceilings and a fireplace but l wanted to be arrived l sprayed it all over and within a month or less everything was gone.So if you have bed bugs you can DIY but you have to do it diligently until they are All gone.Thanks Bed Bug Bully SLEEPING LIKE A BABY

    • admin

      Thank you for the kind words. We are truly happy your bed bug issue is gone!!! This is exactly our entire mission, To infuse wellness into our customers lives and help get rid of these bed bugs and any other pests entirely.


  2. Brandy Arndt

    I love this product it worked great and fast!! Definitely will be ordering more to protect my home!!!

    • admin

      Thank you for the kind words. This makes us truly happy to know we are successfully achieving our mission in helping you get rid of your bed bug infestation and infusing wellness into your life.

  3. Michael McAlexander

    Best Decision Regarding Bed Bugs

    My annoyance with sores and mild itching reached a peak after several months. I quickly realized I had a bed bug issue. After searching online for the best products, Bed Bug Bully earned my vote. After a minor hiccup in the shipment, the product arrived quickly, and it did not disappoint. I followed the instructions on the bottle: cut out the bottom of any box springs (they harbor eggs), spray them down, lightly spray the mattress, and spritz the clean bedspread. I have not slept so soundly in a very long time. In addition to my restless sleep subsiding, my skin was markedly improved within 24 hours (I cannot discern if this was the product or my immunity). My energy level is up, and I still have plenty of product left over. I think the only improvement I would make on my order would be to offer a spray bottle along with the order (or at least a sprayer for the over-sized bottle top). I highly recommend this product and will definitely order more when my order diminishes.

  4. jane smith

    I can’t believe but it really works!

  5. Les

    Works great can’t believe finely got rid of bed bugs​

  6. LaShawn

    Thanks so much… they still pop up every now & then but nowhere near what it was like before… I’ve spent countless dollars & lots of sleepless nights… I’m so glad someone referred your product to me.

  7. Bonnie

    I haven’t seen any more thanks for the bed bully

  8. Bill

    I purchased bed bug bully and its working!

  9. Crecencia Franks / charles tanner

    I must say it works fabulously.

  10. Darlene Jackson

    I love bed bug bully it works well..Thanks -Darlene Jackson

  11. Starla Martin

    I’m very impressed with your product and would recommend it to anyone.

  12. don goske

    i’ll be sure to give your product a reference if anyone needs a good company and product.

  13. Mark Wagner

    I’ve been a licensed pest control technician with my own business since 1983 and worked for Terminix and Orkin before that so I think I’m qualified to simply say IT WORKS !!!i understand your’e coming out with more products

  14. C. Bridgman

    Going very well. Thanks, product great.

  15. Carolyn Averheart

    I have conquered my bed bug infection in my bed. I am now working on the rest of the bedroom and my sofa bed. I can now sleep comfortably!

  16. Rally Otero

    Hey, thanks for checking in on me. The infestation is gone. Luckily I realized my problem quickly and acted quickly to handle it. Thanks for your product. Should the need arise again, we’ll be in touch.

  17. Ann Lowe

    Again thank you, your support teams are excellent and I will tell all my friends about your company and give them your web site information. Will be ordering again from you for sure.

  18. Silvia Martin

    Dear Markus,

    It’s been 1 month since staying at Hotel HELL and bringing bed bugs home. I notified the hotel manager, then waiting impatiently for your product to arrive.

    We went on a tear, vacuuming and spraying everything. I sprayed so much that the product got into my lungs and I sounded like a “seal” for a few days and thought I would cough up a lung. We turned everything upside down, and flinched at the look of a dark spot, or an itch.

    I’m happy to report that we are bed bug free. But not going to return our handmade bedspread to the bed yet, or custom pillows that match. I cherish a mink teddy bear, who presides over the TV room, which is BB free.

    You have a terrific product, and it takes a strong back and diligence to keep vacuuming every day and spraying twice a day, to make sure those god-awful critters didn’t leave eggs behind.

    Silvia Martin
    (never in a million years thought I’d get bed bugs)
    Have extra 4 gallons –

  19. willia,m barnhart

    this does not work and I’m going tell everyone that I can tell about theuy just get your money I spend 140`00 dollars for nothing

  20. Kenneth Greenlee

    I must that after a couple of days I have noticed fewer bed bugs very good product just need more of it for the price.
    Scientifically. I also liked that it had no harsh odor and that it was safe for pets to be around. My poor dogs were getting bit..which really had me furious at these people that didn’t inform me of the situation. I didn’t deserve to be handed the mess and my dogs certainly didn’t either. They are like my children. So yeah!! If intetested go to their website .. They have little videos that break down the science behind it! 😊

    Bed bug free for over a week now!!! It’s an amazing feeling! Thank you!
    Great product and I’ll be buying the 30 day spray to prevent reinfestation from possible visitors.. Although it will be a question I ask now lol. Thank you Bed Bug Bully!

  21. Elaine Creech-Benjamin

    this is a great product a freind of mine used this it works great all gone in just a couple of uses

  22. Darryle Walker

    Please accept my apology for the earlier statement I’ve found that I didn’t follow thorough directions in regard to the application I did this stuff is powerful it really works I plan to purchase more soon

  23. Brian Lundy

    Thank you. Your product worked wonderfully. I still see an occasional bug from time to time. Any thoughts?

  24. Casanova Cruz

    Mix it with cinnamon oil that’s what smothers them. But Bed Bug Bully really works.

  25. Lynn Williams

    Thanks for the follow up! I’m doing all I can like instructed. Looks promising so far. Will keep up the regiment!👍🏼

  26. kathleen okerblom

    I was wondering if you could help me decide what product I should get. I am having a problem with fleas and ants. Would I need 2 different products or would one work for both? By the way I had a small.problem with bed bugs a few years ago and your product worked perfectly and we never had a problem with them again. Thank you for your help.

  27. George France

    Thank you and your staff for an expeditious response and clarifying everything. I appreciate the attention to detail, as well as the outstanding customer service.

    Look forward to using your product and putting an end to my current delicate and annoying matter 🐜🕷[mine is “other”]!

  28. Aimee Musicant

    Hi. We loved Bedbug Bully!! It worked great for us!! Question… does it work on fleas? My friend is having an issue with them.
    Thanks a million!!

  29. Trish Tomblin

    I want to apologize to you. I found the source of the bed bugs. Your products work great. I’m sorry for any inconvenience. I ordered more and thank you so much. I’m truly sorry. Thanks again

  30. Angel Foris

    “Thank you so much for all your assistance. In the future, I will attempt my original order, & hope I’m not stuck with an unnecessary & unwanted upgrade. Your service has been excellent & appreciated. “

  31. Darlene Douville

    by the way, i love your product, it is awesome!

  32. Tameka Teasley

    nullBed Bug Bully your products work great!!! My husband and I got the gallon size and it killed the bugs instantly….I love it, Thank you Bed Bug Bully

    It worked very well for us. Still no evidence of them anywhere.

  33. Ruby Walker

    Can this product be used to kill fleas in home. By the way , it’s amazing for bed bugs.

  34. Bernardine Jones

    This product works.

  35. Joe Dane

    I’ve got a catalog…you’ve been very helpful. That original problem is completely solved. I’ll be a customer as other things arise.

  36. Craig Dias

    I’m a True Believer in bed bug bully I don’t care what anybody says out there in America bed bug bully work for me and it’s a damn good product.

  37. Wilfredo Diaz

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I haven’t seen any of those little boogers for a few weeks now and that your product did its job . It worked!

  38. Allan Beales

    Thanks for the tips and updates ,Sir. I am pleased with the success of treatment with this product.

  39. Ron Skeptical

    Have you noticed that all the reviews are grouped together on one day? Like maybe someone with monetary interest is sitting down to write them all? Look at the dates of each grouping.

    Also, BIG RED FLAG…. everyone gave this product 5 stars. Now I’m really suspicious, so I will be skipping it.

    • Markus

      Thanks for addressing your concern, there are some reviews on same days due to our support team, who gets dozens of reviews in our support portal or by phone. They place them in one bin for another team member to copy them into our commerce site to show others.

      This is why you see screenshots from some customers which are from their Facebook profile. Not everyone places reviews on store, they sometimes will place on Facebook or to a support person by phone or by email.

  40. joe

    Worked First time I used it . Had to use it again sprayed it six months later not working like it did the firmest time. Not very good now or I got a bad bottle.

    • Markus

      Hey Joe, sorry to hear that. Give our customer support a ring or email. Sometimes the infestation is a bit larger then expected and you may not be getting rid of the source of the problem, thus causing another re-infestation.

      The formulation was engineered so bed bugs will not become immune to it, unlike others on the market. So its most likely about doing a full inspection in your home. And then treating the areas every 7 days until the infestation subsides.

      Send us a email, we always help a loyal customer.

  41. James MAY

    I used it just like it said to and my problem got worse this stuff didn’t even try and slow them down

    • Markus

      Hi James, thanks for leaving your feedback. Please keep in mind, upon first treatment the bed bugs come out of their hiding locations due to the formulation. We call this the “waterfall effect” and you will notice they may try to bite more. Because they are on their last leg of life… before dying. So they feed more to survive. This is normal, continue spot treatment following the guides we send you as a client of ours.

      Here is the video explaining “What To Expect” with your 1st treatment using Bed Bug Bully.

      What To Expect:

    • Markus

      hi James, thanks for the feedback, one thing you need to expect with your 1st treatment is the waterfall effect. The formulation will cause the little buggers to come out of their nesting locations and bite more. This is why our product is so popular with pest management professionals. It helps get rid of the ones you can’t see.

      What your experiencing is the “waterfall effect”, please read thru the procedures guide we send you in your email or ask our support team to resend you it. It will explain the procedures to follow.

      For now, please view this video explaining the process and what to expect with your first treatment:

      What To Expect:

  42. Gordon

    I just want give a big thank you..because your product has made my wife and I a very happy and satisfying customer..we will definitely be ordering from you again so that we can keep our home free of those unwanted bedbugs..So thank you again

  43. Candi and Carl Todd

    Thank You For Your Prompt Response As It Is Most Certainly Appreciated!! You People Are As Good As Your “Bed Bug Bully Product”.

  44. john runkel

    Thank You to you all. My order arrived and works Great Great, thank you so much!

  45. Teresa Jones

    I just want to let you know I’m very happy with your product again Thanks an will be reordering in the future

  46. Tericeta Pierson

    Received the product on October 16. Very satisfied with it.

  47. Mike

    I am the Director of Maintenance for the homeless shelter and transitional living center in Bismarck, ND. I care for 110 apartments plus 200 emergency beds.

    Your product worked pretty good we did the treatment in one of the rooms and it’s doing it’s job so far.

    we will continue with the treatment in the other rooms we have at our facility. I received the blue print and distributed to my maintenance people in the facility.

    We also saw the videos there were very helpful thanks for educating us on how to use this product.

  48. Ozie Mccollough

    Great. That will be good. Bye for now. Great product. Yeah !!!!!. I never thought I would ever see bed bugs.

  49. Joseph Felton

    Great product!

  50. Thomas Barrett

    I Used your product and seem to help real good. Was wanting to check on what I could get a gallon for. Think I can sell some of your stuff here. Major bed bug break out here. THANKS

  51. jerilon christner

    I am too i had tried a lot of things for many months. It’s a little expensive on my budget, but so glad things are taken care of! i thought i would need more again this month (bad outbreak) but it worked much better than anticipated

  52. deborah salada

    thanks for your time and I am doing the once a week schedule and have not seen any for a few weeks and will continue that for at least a couple more months

  53. Anonymous

    I have this remedy that I gave my friend and it got her bed bug free something we all use and its great

  54. Irene Coleman

    Well thanks anyway! Bed Bug Bully products have help me keep some sanity!

  55. Sylvia B. Parkerson

    Thank you for solving this for me. I do and will always recommend your products…They work very well. Our ministry has several men’s and women’s homes, and there are times when this product comes in real handy to combat them little, biting critters.
    thanks again, Pastor Wayne

  56. Patricia Anderson

    I purchased a gallon of bed bug bully and the detergent and the plug in thing how can I purchase 2 more of the plug ins..? I really am glad I tried this one so far I am impressed I got this for my mother’s house and wanted to put plug ins in the bedroom. Thank you again.

  57. Linda McBee

    Wonderful Product!!! Okay, I’ve killed the bedbugs but I read that this kills a lot more than bedbugs. I have some firewood that has termites in it. Would it kill termites? If not that’s fine I’m just curious!!

  58. Deborah Smiley

    Chat with Deborah Smiley: 02/06/18 Bed Bug Bully Wonderful product. Helped me a lot with my bed bugs problem. I continue with the treatment because after a month I see couple crawling around I want to make sure they are gone for good. I’m buying 2 more gallons this time. See I like the product.

  59. Richard Silveira

    I have bought your Bed Bug Bully a couple times and love it. !1 ;–)) It is great and pet safe. !!!

  60. Shannon Morgan

    Chat with Shannon Morgan on 2/26/18
    Shannon rated this chat as good.
    12:59 pm
    Shannon left the following comment: Such an efficient, respectable company. Very thankful for y’all!

  61. Cindi

    Chat with Cindi on 2/27/18
    Caroline was awesome and very patient with all my questions. She gave me clear instructions and was amazingly helpful.

  62. Joe Donna

    Chat with Joe on 3/6/18
    2:09 pm
    we have used your product in our home and it has worked wonders

  63. Kathy Dario

    Chat with Kathy Dario on 3/9/18
    ok thanks. I like your product cause it is simple to use. I ordered a product from another company which I returned because it was confusing and no instructions with it with 4 items. paid a lot to ship it back

  64. Irene Coleman

    Been feeling pretty good lately. Just wanted some for reassurance. Besides, I really like the detergent!
    You said the Detergent is good? do you like it?
    did the detergent helped you with bed bugs on your bedding and clothes?
    11:51 am
    Yes! Most definitely!!

    Also, yes! Been using both for some time. They both make me feel better.
    Glad to hear that! we try to educate our customers in how to use Bed Bug Bully product and we are happy to hear that our product helped you to get rid of Bed Bugs!
    11:56 am
    physically emotionally and mentally. Although I’m still working on each one!

  65. James Edmonds

    Betty left the following comment: Found your product online and ordered it immediately. It was here in two days and treated the room the same day. No more bugs yet, but going to spray again before putting everything back together just to be on the safe side. Thanks. Paid for it…was not the free trial offer.

  66. Mary Svendsen

    “and so far your bed bug bully has worked good “

  67. Cathy Waterstradt

    No. I’m wanting to write my review on it. I received a sample and it worked wonderfully. I just wanted to say it killed just as it said it would. I would recommend to anyone with big problems.

  68. Lynn Capshaw

    Lynn: Your product is amazing I got rid of all the bed bugs in my house for the past 6 months Im bed bug free. I’m buying more now because I saw a little one crawling around and maybe someone brought it again but I dont want to take any chance so Im buying 1# gallon of your product this time. Thanks for all your help and your product really works!

  69. Amy Reeder

    Customer service was excellent, I hope you get this because I accidentally hit the “bad” button above. Tried to hit the “good” one after but don’t know if it worked. Was Very satisfied. Thank You, Amy Reeder


    Look I like your product. It took 2 orders to get rid of bed bugs. It worked and I’m thankful.

  71. Pamela Johnson

    I tried everything but this is the only thing the gets rid of them.

  72. Rayna Herron

    I used it because a friend told me about it it was amazing I have not yet see any bugs and this was at Christmas time last year best $70.00 I ever spent. I definitely recommend this product to everyone that have issues with bed bugs.

  73. Jelena Todorovic Clemente

    I had bed bb and cockroaches infestation left after my tenant. Nothing really worked after took control and put diatomaceous earth in walls , between studs, beneath the carpet pads and carpet, and got rid of every single appliance and item in the house , such as : carpet, fridge, stove, kitchen element. Finally the diatomaceous earth worked its magic through, but the loop hole was that it takes 2 days for bed bug to die from it. So my new tenant would still see the dying bed bug. Then the bed bug bully came in as a solution. I am spraying it around the edge of the wall to wall carpet and walls, so that this chemical actually deters them and chase back into layers of diatomaceous earth, where they finally die off. That is how it worked for me. For huge infestations – it really does not help to move bed bugs from one place to other, by spraying infested area, unless you force them to move through dry diatomaceous earth.

  74. Janice Quick

    Hello, My name is Captain Janice Quick and I am with the Flint Beecher Salvation Army. We are a community who is already hit hard due to the water crisis and just this past week, had our budget cut again. My husband and I have used your product Bed Bug Bully in the past and love it. When our staff presented us with the concerns of people coming in with bed bugs, you were the first ones we thought of. Your product is fantastic and my husband and I know it would remedy the problem that we are potentially looking at. Janice Quick A/Captain Flint Beecher Corps

  75. Lonnie

    I bought a quart size and got the free sample I took the bedding off and sprayed the mattress and put the two blankets back on and misted each of them then put the sheet on and mist it i sleep on the couch that night and low and behold i woke up with three new bits i sprayed the couch well its a futon and the cover i use on it The next day i sprayed the bed and all around it sleep on the couch for two more night no bits to make the long story short i mist the bed the 5th night a few hour before retiring no bit i sleep for the next few day with no bits . So i wanted to see if there were any bugs so i stripped the bedding and didn’t see any sign of bugs I then slid the mattress off and low and behold there were a dozen dried up beg bug. So if i have any more trouble i will order the Gal an do my whole apt.Thanks for being a Bully on Bed Bugs
    Lonnie in Missouri
    Oh i got the bugs from someone that came over and visited a couple or so times.

  76. Deborah Bass

    This product really works and it’s not harmful to my family. That is the best part. I do not have to worry about smelling pesticide in my home.

  77. Frontier Auto Sales Inc

    The thing works good

  78. Jack Campbell

    This product is excellent!!!

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