Bed Bug Bully Detergent 1 Gallon

Dust Mite & Bed Bug Anti-Allergen Detergent, 1 Gallon

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  • Hypo Allergenic & Anti-Allergen Detergent
  • Treats Linens & Clothing Against Dust Mites & Bed Bugs
  • Gets Rid of Dust Mites, Roaches, Pet Dander & More
  • Delicate Formula, Non Irritating
  • Fresh, Non Irritating Infused Wellness Fragrance
  • Used By Resorts, Health Facilities, and Pest Professionals
  • Item does not include a trigger-sprayer

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Product Description

Bed Bug Bully Detergent is an All-In-One Anti-Allergen Detergent that treats bedding’s and linens against bed bug matter, cockroach matter, dust mite matter, flea matter, tick matter, pet dander, and other non living matter of allergens from non-living sources. The product works during the normal laundry cycle that laundry detergents alone do not. The formula is safe to use with all washable, colorfast fabrics and is effective in both hot and cold water. Bed Bug Bully Detergent is already being used by numerous hotels, hospitals, resorts, pest control companies and fortune 500 companies.

Easy To Use:
The easy to use anti-allergen detergent works in minutes upon first application on your clothes and linens. Simply dilute Bed Bug Bully anti-allergen detergent with a ratio of 1:10. Allow 10 minutes to take effect, then start washing. Resorts and Medical Facilities use this exact formula to reduce labor costs and increase extermination success rates.

Fast Results:
Bed Bug Bully Detergent is the preferred laundry replacement choice of health facilities by not only keeping linens and clothing clean, but also assisting in getting rid of bed bugs in your linens as well. Due to the unique anti-allergen liquid laundry detergent formula, you will get rid of bed bugs, roaches, fleas, ticks, pet dander, and other non-living matter that would otherwise cause a future infestation and heavy allergies. Since these pests are prone to hiding in linens and clothing. Using Bed Bug Bully Detergent will assist in removing the infestation.

Our Guarantee:
We are so confident your bed bug infestation will never be an issue again. You are entitled to our money back guarantee. If Bed Bug Bully Detergent does not work for any reason, simply let us know by email or phone and we will happily refund your money.

Our primary mission is to help you get rid of this painful bed bug infestation once and for all.

Directions for Use:

1 Cup For Full Load. Can be used as your main laundry detergent.

Recommended Washing Procedure:

1st Wash – Full Load: 1 Cup (Use Full Cap of Detergent)
2nd Wash – Full Load: 1/2 Cup (Use 1/2 Cap of Detergent)
Remaining Washes In Future: 1/4 Cup (Use 1/4 Cap of Detergent)

Net Wt. 1 Gallon / 128oz
Washes up to 128 Loads

Just A Heads Up: This 1 gallon jug of Bed Bug Bully Detergent does not come with a sprayer. If you would like us to add a sprayer, we can bundled a 32oz bottle with sprayer in your order. Just add the 32oz Bottle with Sprayer To Your Order and we can send it bundled in your product.

Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 11.7 x 5.8 x 5.8 in

1 Gallon Jug (120 oz)


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