Carpet Armor Non-Toxic Carpet Protector, 3 Oz


  • Health and Environment Friendly
  • Cuts Carpet Cleaning Time and Cost
  • Cleans. Deodorizes, and Protects
  • Limits Reappearing Spots
  • Designed for Low Moisture Cleaning
  • Zen-­Like Delicate Fragrance
  • Eliminates Discoloration Problems from Wicking
  • Carpets Remain Cleaner Longer


Carpet Armor is a health and environment friendly carpet protector.

A mild and naturally-derived carpet spray, it contains no strong chemical ingredients. And with that, it is able to protect carpets safely.

However, it isn’t just safe carpet protector. It is also effective.

Basically, what Carpet Armor does is create a barrier for the fabric. With its formulation, it encapsulates every strand of the carpet so it is well-protected from liquid, dirt and other stains. Such of those stains are pet stains, coffee stains and the like.

This product has a unique formula of low moisture process, which makes it a ready-to-use carpet spray. And so, anytime, you could apply it to any carpeting.

Carpet Armor carpet protector is designed for use on carpets in heavy traffic areas, carpet backing, padding, fabric and upholstery. It also works well on automobile interiors, recreational vehicles and pet areas. It could even clean rugs and other fibrous surfaces effectively.

As it is an organic cleaning product, Carpet Armor also works safely even on delicate cloth.

This product is made up of Patent Pending Green Bean Better Wellness Ingredients, hence, it is safe. If you have not heard yet, our products are developed to improve wellness. We use green ingredients that are found in remote locations around the globe to infuse your home with natural smells that promote wellness and relaxation. This is our mission as a Green Bean!

Uses of Carpet Armor- The Non-Toxic Carpet Protector

Carpet Armor carpet protector could clean stains on carpets. However, its primary function is to protect the carpeting from them and other types of damages. And because it is organic, it does the work without harming anyone’s health.

Besides carpets, this product also effectively and safely cleans upholstery and other fabric-made pieces.

Directions for Carpet Cleaning:
1. Pretest carpet for color fastness
2. Remove furniture and vacuum carpet
3. Spray onto carpet in small sections (Don't overwet)
4. Agitate carpet with brush
5. Brush in one direction with deck brush
6. Don't walk on carpet until dry
7. Vacuum

Uniform Treatment:
This product works  so well that untreated areas will show streaks. Ensure uniform application after treating. Check by placing a few drops of water in several places on dry carpet and check for repel efficiency. Apply more treatment if treatment is not uniform.

Care of Treated Carpets:
Spills should be removed by botting with sponge or absorbent cloth. Soil will release easily as carpet is now protected. Normal vacuuming will keep carpets clean and extended the shampoo cycle. Due to variety of carpet materials it is recommended to test product in inconspicuous area.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in



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