Visiting Remote Locations Around The Globe

An Expedition Brings Wellness To The World

Mesmerized By The Healing Properties

As the CEO of My Cleaning Products, Markus embarked to non commercialized remote locations around the globe. He set out to discover unique non-commercialized natural formulas and ingredients with healing and wellness properties from ancient cultures.

Mesmerized by their healing properties and overall feeling of wellness. Markus has dedicated a team of specialists to help him create and share with the world a new form of green safe solutions.

Ingredients To Improve Health and Wellness

Our mission was to find unique ingredients to create products to improve health and wellness.

In order to learn this historic knowledge of these lost remedies. This involved getting close to the locals… eating, talking, and sharing knowledge.

It was “Transforming” and “Enlightening”… and was the only way we could of made effective our non toxic natural solutions & products.

Train Ride Deep Into The Jungle, Treacherous Rivers, & Deep Into Pure Nature
After the long flight it was into a train to go up and around mountains to get deeper into the jungles of South America.

As the sun rose, I journeyed into miles of lush, damp Peruvian forest. The smell of moist mud and tree’s filled my nostrils. Swiping away with my machete, the jungles tentacles that were clutching me from this sacred area.

After an exhausting trip. Finally hit my destination where I could discover “the ways of the elders”. The exact ingredients and secrets from the jungle. Given to me by healthy tribes who have lived here for so many years. Free from harsh chemicals and deadly toxins.

Testing & Formulating Green Products In The United States

After researching and discovering these unique ingredients from around the globe. We bring them to our manufacturing plant and begin working on them in the lab. Our team diligently tests and formulate new ideas to create some of the most unique green alternatives for green cleaning, pest control, health and beauty and other industry solutions.

Previously Only Available To Large Companies

After months of research and production our products are initially privately offered to our loyal clients who sign license agreements to be the only companies to have access to the products for a specific amount of time before being offered to the public.

These very well known companies understand the amount of research we put into our product line and see the amazing results. Once the license is ready to renew we then can offer the amazing product to the public with confidence in it’s amazing ability to outperform other products on the market.

Recognized Green Products

Marine Care
Car Care
Mold & Mildew
Carpet Cleaners
Stone & Marble Care
Green Home Cleaners