Leather and Dash Cleaner – Green Leather Conditioner, 55 Gallon


  • Creates Long Lasting Shine
  • Not Watered Down
  • No Greasy Film or Feel
  • Will Not Damage Leather or Other Materials
  • Formulated for Auto & Marine Industry
  • Used By Professionals To Cut Labor Costs


Keep that leather soft and sheen with Leather and Dash Cleaner.

Leather and Dash Cleaner is a powerful and unique leather conditioner. Its formulation uses a moisturizing lotion to clean, hydrate and soften leather seats. It contains a lanolin derivative that moisturizes leather and enhances the performance of the formulation oil.

With lanolin derivative, the collagen and elastin proteins found naturally in leather are nourished. That improves the flexibility and durability of the leather.

This leather conditioner and cleaner does not damage or discolor even light-colored leather. And as it is non-toxic and non-irritating, you can apply it with just your hands. It also requires no special ventilation after its application as it is odorless.

With its special formula, Leather and Dash Cleaner restores the softness of the leather and gives it a healthy sheen without the greasy finish. It is for use on leather seats, leather paneling, leather dash, purses and handbags.

This product is made up of Patent Pending Green Bean Better Wellness Ingredients, hence, it is safe. If you have not heard yet, our products are developed to improve wellness. We use green ingredients that are found in remote locations around the globe to infuse your home with natural smells that promote wellness and relaxation. This is our mission as a Green Bean!


Leather and Dash Cleaner keeps leather supple and hydrated. As a leather conditioner and cleaner, it revitalizes your leather surfaces and items, thus, prolonging the life of them.

Additional information

Weight 495 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 16 in


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