Marble Infusion Color Enhancer, 1 Gallon


  • Enhances The Colors Of Natural Porous Stone
  • Delivers Natural Protection Against Stains
  • Used and Endorsed By Professionals
  • Easy To Use
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


Marble Infusion Natural Stone Color Enhancer is ideal for use on natural porous stones. Excellent for tumbled and rustic-look stone surfaces, Marble Infusion will enhance the natural beauty of the stone. Enhances marble, granite and revitalizes the stone with an incredible shine and leaves the surface with a low gloss finish. Marble Infusion is a delicate formula that delivers natural protection,retain the beauty, preserve the life, and keep your natural stone maintainable. Used and endorsed by professionals due to the ease of use and immediate results after first application. Marble Infusion Natural Stone Sealer & Stone Enhancer will not not change the natural color or the look of the stone, tiles and other masonry works. Neither does it cause these stone surface to turn fade or dull like some other harmful marble cleaning products.

The easy to use formula works in just minutes upon first application. Make sure the surface is completely dry and free of any water. Just apply, wait a minute and let settle. Then wipe or buff clean with a microfiber cloth for your first treatment. **PLEASE NOTE** Not For Use On Polished, Non Porous or Glazed Surfaces.or your first treatment.

Due to the unique enhanced cleaning formulation, you will keep stone surfaces protected and cleaner longer than most other brands using the product as per label instructions.

Our Guarantee:
We are so confident your marble, travertine, granite, slate, limestone, coral stone, and other porous stone surfaces will look just like new after first application that you will have 30 days to evaluate the product. While evaluating the product, you are entitled to our money back guarantee. If Marble Infusion does not work for any reason, simply let us know by email or phone and we will happily refund your money.

Our primary mission is to help you keep your marble, granite, travertine and porous stone surfaces clean and illustrious as long as as our formulations allows.


Marble Infusion Color Enhancer, 1 Gallon

  • Enhances The Colors Of Natural Porous Stone
  • Delivers Natural Protection Against Stains
  • Used and Endorsed By Professionals
  • Easy...


Marble Maverick Organic Tile and Grout Cleaner, 1 Gallon

  • Organic
  • Cuts Cleaning Time
  • Reduces Cleaning Cost
  • Brings Out Natural Beauty of Surface

  • Brightens Tile Appearance


Honed Marble, Saturnia, Granite, Slate, Limestone, Coral Stone and other porous stone surfaces. Excellent for Tumbled or rustic-look stones.


To ensure satisfaction with resulting color, always perform a test on a small area that is not noticeable before applying to entire surface.

Apply Marble Infusion Color Enhancer with a lamb's wool applicator, clean terry cloth, natural fiber brush or low pressure pump sprayer. Work in a small area at a time (50 square feet). Do not allow Marble Infusion Color Enhancer to puddle on the surface of stone. More than one application may be necessary to achieve desired results. Allow at least one hour between applications or until product is dry to the touch. Surfaces can be used within 3-5 hours; however for optimum results, keep areas free from liquids or soiling material for 48 hours.

For best results, follow with Marble Infusion Marble and Granite Sealer to provide a protective layer against dirt and stains.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 11.7 × 5.8 × 5.8 in

1 Gallon Jug (120 oz)


Up to 1,000 Square Feet

Marble Infusion Color Enhancer Label

Marble Infusion Color Enhancer Label


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