Moldergent Hypo Allergenic Detergent, 1 Gallon


  • Naturally Derived Hypo Allergenic Detergent
  • Used By Mold Professionals, Resorts, and Health Facilities
  • Relaxing Zen-Like Fragrance
  • Used by Health Facilities for Hyper-Sensitive Guests
  • Cleans or removes stains from algae, mold, mildew or other non-public health organisms.


Moldergent Detergent is an All-In-One Anti-Allergen Detergent cleans or removes stains from algae, mold, mildew or other non-public health organisms. This detergent also treats bedding’s and linens against inanimate dust-mite matter, non-living matter, or allergens from non-living sources (e.g., pet dander allergens, cockroach matter allergens, dust mite matter allergens).

The product works during the normal laundry cycle that laundry detergents alone do not. The formula is safe to use with all washable, colorfast fabrics and is effective in both hot and cold water.

Active Ingredients

Wintergreen Oil …………3.1 %
Sodium Benzeneoxy Sulfate ……….5.0%
Total Active Ingredients ……….8.1%

Inert Ingredients

Soap(sodium salts of fatty acids), Sodium benzoate, Water
Total Inert Ingredients ………..91.1

Directions for Use:
1. Sort Laundry by color / fabric type
2. Select water temperature
3. Loading Specifications:
    Standard Loaders: 1/4 cup per load
    Commercial Loaders: 1oz per 10gal of H20
    Side Loaders: 1/8 cup (1 oz.) per Load     
4. Do not Overload Washer with Soiled Laundry
5. Allow 10-15 minutes to take effect, then start washing.
6. Use Proper Wash Cycle & Water Temperature         

Net Wt. 1 Gallon / 128oz
Washes up to 128 Loads

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 11.7 × 5.8 × 5.8 in


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