Molderizer, 55 Gallon

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  • Cleans or removes stains from algae, mold, mildew or other non-public health organisms.
  • Cleans or removes inanimate scum such as “soap scum.”
  • Brightens and Whitens Stained Surfaces
  • Bleach free, Contains No Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Deodorizes Musty Odors
  • Used By Mold Professionals & IAQ Industry
  • Ready to Use, No mixing


Molderizer is a mild formula with ingredients that cleans or removes stains from algae, mold, mildew, and other non-public health organisms. The formula also cleans or removes inanimate scum such as “soap scum”.

For Use On:

Bathroom and Non-Food Contact Kitchen Surfaces: Tubs, glazed tiles, vanity tops, shower curtains, shower stalls (areas), sinks, washable walls, wallpaper for non-food contact, floors, window sills, cabinets, garbage cans, exteriors of appliances, refrigerator exteriors, fiberglass, Formica, glazed porcelain, synthetic marble, plastic vinyl.

Air filters and filter material: Furnaces, air conditioners, air purification systems, automobiles, recirculating air handling systems and vacuum cleaner filters.

Carpets, Bedding, Upholstery/Furniture: Mattress pad and mattress ticking and upholstery composed of acetates, acrylics, cotton, fiberglass, nylon, polyethylene, polyolefins, polypropylene, rayon, silk, spandex, vinyl, wool, and fiberfill to be used in upholstery, sleeping bags, apparel where the fiber is cotton, natural down, nylon, or rayon. Do not use on Wool.

Additional information

Weight 495 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 16 in

Up to 55,000 Square Feet


5 Gallon Pail (600 oz)

1 review for Molderizer, 55 Gallon

  1. C William Hamilton-Inspection Wizards LLC

    A Real Estate Inspector who has been our customer since 2014 and have purchased from us for 9th times .” Every time I used Molderizer to remove the mold form the properties and after cleaning the entire place we applied the sealer “safe shield” we never failed in any test. All the mold test have been very successful with your product Molderizer 1 gallon and safe shield 1 gallon.”

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